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MK40 Failure

I just purchased a MK40 Elite and I am very disappointed in the GUN and KAHR Service. I have previously owned three Glocks and I have never had a problem with them.

When I went to the range the first time, I fired 200 rounds to break in the gun, and three to four times, the slide stayed back, like the magazine was empty, but it was not. I pulled back on the slide and released it and the rest of the magazine fired fine.

I assumed this was just part of the breakin, but I went to the range yesterday, fired 100 rounds and the same thing happened two or three times.

I am using American Eagle ammunition, and I used the same ammunition on a Glock 23 and the Glock fired 100 out of 100 with no failures, on the samr range trip.

I purchased this gun for Self Defense, and it is not useful If I cannot depend on it.

I called Kahr Service, and they were not helpful at all, they said if it is is working 97% of the time, it is not the guns fault. How can that be! If I am using it for self defense it must work 100% of the time like my Glocks.
Kahr service refuses to do anything. I am suprised becasue I thought Kahr was a quality product, but obiously it is not and Kahr does not stand behind their guns.

Has anyone else had a problem like this. I thought it might be due to a defective recoil spring but the Kahr Tech refused to do anyting, because it was working 97% of the time and he thought that was ok and not the recoil spring. I need a gun that I can count on, works 100% of the time if I am going to use it for self defense.

Maybe I should stick with Glocks!
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