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If you don't know about this situation yet, I'll explain it in a nutshell: The government is trying to control our right to produce food for ourselves.

While I disagree with the above quote, just because you asked I donated $50 via paypal just now. Hopefully he can use it for a couple days of feed. He seems like a good man in a bind. And I would support farmers and hobby farmers rights and hope they don't go broke. I would agree that they should be allowed to be slaughtered at a processor. I don't see the harm and it would be a win/win situation. He should get rid of all of his pigs and raise domestic pigs if feasible.

That being said, I disagree because is really a simple matter of the DNR keeping Russian boar out of Michigan. In the court documents it said he admitted to having 3 russian boars (which I assume he has disposed of, right?) in adition to the Mangalitsas. Once this happened I don't think the DNR under the Invasive Species Order had much of a choice in the matter.If he had a time machine, I'm sure it would be better to have gone back and breed domestic hogs. Can the Mangalitsas be clear of the ISO definition as feral? I doubt it and it doesn't seem to be much of a conspiracy rather than agricultural prudence.
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