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do you already own a gun or a glock? if so, then use it for idpa for a while, see if you really like the game or uspsa and then get the 17 or 34...

you can do pretty well with a 19.. but if you really want go deep into the game, the 34 is the path.

many good shooters or people who is in game "mode" like better the 17...some other people prefer the 34. you can go with the 17 and wont have any problem or disadvantage

the main advantage of the 34 is shooting at 25+ yards, or maybe in uspsa, with some shots beyond 25, 30 yards, the 34 could be more accurate..

and you can shoot some low reloads or minor factor reloads to help with the recoil/muzzle flip...

remember it is the Indian, no the arrow...
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