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20 year military vet farmer needs your help!

This friend of ours is retired from the military, but he's not retired from defending the constitution and he's not retired from making the U.S. a better place.

Please help him if you can!

Mark has a family farm in Michigan and is currently embattled in a legal fight with the state of Michigan DNR who came out last year and claimed pigs of certain types (the same types raised on farms in many cases), even if in captivity and being raised for meat are "feral".

If you don't know about this situation yet, I'll explain it in a nutshell: The government is trying to control our right to produce food for ourselves.

Mark doesn't think this is a good idea and neither do I.

If I were rich, I'd hire an attorney to spin the DNR on its head, but I can't because I'm not. I know there are people on this forum though that are of the right mindset and finance who can help support our right to farm.

Please have a look at his video and if you can, help out!

I am in no way affiliated with my friend's farm. I just recognize the kind of uphill battle he is fighting, believe it is just and if spreading the word is all I can do to help, that's what I'll do.

His video pretty much explains most of what is going on is right here:

Thanks for your consideration,
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