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Originally Posted by NMGlocker View Post
So much for "it just works".
Went to install the Lego Mindstorm NXT 2.0 software on my iMac.
The CD/DVD drive has failed.
The iMac is less than 2 months old and this is the first CD/DVD I've ever inserted in the drive.
Looks like it was DOA from Apple.
btw: the CD is good because I already installed the program on my MBAir.
Oh yea, the Apple external "Superdrive" only works with the Air, you cannot use it with the iMac.
F*You Apple.
As soon as finances allow I'm dumping Macs.
You need to conform to the Mac Lifestyle better. Then it'll stop breaking. Its your fault.

Guy in our office went through 3 motherboards on his Macbook. Finally they just lemon'd it and gave him a new one.

Yeah, superior parts.
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