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Originally Posted by BodymoreMurderland

Many police departments do not issue or allow rifles
Originally Posted by BodymoreMurderland View Post
No many departments don't including the 8th largest police dept. in the country which I work for.
I guess it would suck to be on your department. Of course after looking at your grid coordinates, it's not surprising they don't allow you to have rifles.

My department has rifles and we carry them in electra-lock racks with our shotguns. Most of the agencies in AK have them.

Of course we have to buy our own. They aren't mandatory, but we do highly encourage officers to obtain and carry them.

I put the officers through a patrol rifle class (I'm also a police firearms instructor) and we train and qualify with them the same as our other firearms.

We pretty much use our ARs exclusively on our serious calls. It's rare the shotguns come out of the rack anymore except for wildlife calls.

With frangible ammo such as Hornady TAP, the rifle is much more precise and safer to use than a shotgun with a bead sight, especially when your distances open a little bit. Plus the rifles have holographic or red dot sights making them faster to pick up and use in low light and Streamlight TLRs mounted on the rails.

In addition, due to my grid coordinates and the big furry wildlife issues we have to confront from May to October, I had to come up with a policy regarding the training, use and carrriage of big game rifles and the ammunition for them. Training isn't really an issue in this area for the most part because most of us already have a lot of experience with hunting rifles and killing stuff. The vast majority of training I have to do is changing the mindset of just grabbing any off-the-shelf junk ammuntion and loading up. I try to stress the importance of using high-end ammo with premium bullets on DLP bear kills. Of course reloads are allowed and the .30-06 is the minimum caliber.

One of the guys carries either a Marlin 1895 in .45-70 with max book handloads or a Ruger Haweye in .35 Whelen Improved. Another uses a .30-06, one a .375 Win. and I ocillate between a Win. M-70 in .375 H&H that I call the sewer pipe and a .30-06.
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