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Originally Posted by Caver 60 View Post
Several nations with extremely strict gun control have sky high rates of gun violence. Old Mexico comes to mind. Don't give me that developed nations stuff.

Also Japan is a completely different culture than our country. That might also have something to do with their low rate of gun violence. My Japanese daughter in law says their version of the Mafia has guns, but they don't use them as often.

Just my opinion.
Again, Much of Europe...

We have actual results vs. your opinion on how that would play out here.

I actually agree with you but what you fail to see is, to an on the fence party, who is looking at results vs. the feelings of pro gun people, well, we look like a damned fool in the eyes of most people.

In the face of facts, your untested opinions dont mean much to most people. You must chew on this truth no matter how you feel about the issue, and in particular, how you feel about people who dont see it your way.
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