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My first experience with Apple was with my wife's iPhone 4. At the time I was on my third android phone. She loved it, bragged about it and I picked it up and saw how seemless and amazing it operated. My android phone had since stopped working properly after an update, like my other previous android phones. I'm sure some of this is user error, but all I did was accept updates.

Then she wanted an iPad. After spending some time on it and watching how those two synced perfectly with eachother, and neither having any problems at all over 2 years, yesterday I surprised her with an iMac 27" with 1TB hard drive. I bought it used - 1 year old for a really good deal after researching prices online. She woke me up with the all the squealing and yelling. Happy wife = Happy life. She loves it so much she wants to keep it in our living room.

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Now I have an iPhone5, and so far it's been the best phone I've ever owned. It has been perfect in every way. My son got his own iPad yesterday as well, and it appears we are slowly migrating to Mac. We do have one PC in our house which my son will have to use in his room, if I can figure out how to get the viruses off of it. Which in my experience with PC's viruses are a constant issue even with Anti-virus, anti mal-ware, spy-ware running. I think I'm just terrible with computers, and hopefully this wont be the case with the iMac.
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