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A new AWB will happen and there will be no grandfathering of anything. Everything on the news and tons of cable shows is anti-gun. If the NRA opens its mouth it gets slammed. It's not about being a defeatist it is the new reality. The masses are being pushed to the left, it doesn't help that several times a week some nut is killing folks on the news. The Dems have already stated they are closing the lope holes in the last AWB, like grandfathering and who says they are going to allow ten rounds. Have you heard any Republicans on the news standing up for are firearm rights they are much more concerned with keeping the rich taxes low. You could see a new AWB coming for some time I just didn't think it would be this bad. Nobody but the NRA is doing anything and they are the new great Satan, the only thing gun owners are doing is buying guns and magazines that may soon be illegal to own.
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