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Originally Posted by Warp View Post
What makes me think so? The same things that made me think this 4 years ago when everybody said there would be new bans after Obama was elected the first time.
Except he wanted to be re elected, mission accomplished. So what is to stop him WARP? You guys gave him a "mandate", at least he thinks that. He can propose & get anything hw wants passed w/ a liberal media supporting him, BTW, how he got re elected. The avg person is too disengaged to find out facts for themselves so will be lead by their corrupt & ignorant "leaders". he may be your president, but not mine. I hope you are right, but past exp tells me it's coming, maybe not this year, the fiscal cliff that OBAMA & the libs in the senate have created is kind of a bigger issue, but it will come sooner than later. Why do you think he is "demanding" proposals by the end of JAN? He wants those dead children still fresh in everyones minds. Yeah, sounds ugly, but that is Chicago politics baby.
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