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Originally Posted by SCSU74 View Post
Good lord, why?? I would maybe buy some extra springs for the mags I have, but $50 a mag, ouch better call 911 to report a rape
I currently only had a handful of mags. I look at it as ensuring I'm grandfathered into the 2nd amendment. 6 mags per pistol model, models 19, 17, 21, 23 & 22... Not to mention 2 of the funsticks for the 9mm. Psychologically I refuse to use any neutered mags for anything other than range use. I generally prefer small pistols but this whole "AWB" & "hi-cap" mag ban is wrong.

So now I have a sufficient, albeit minimally sufficient supply for any Glock or M&P model currently in existence that uses "hi cap" magazines. I'd like more, but we shall see. Thankfully I bought a decent supply of 35 gen M3 pmags & 25 AK-47 mags before they became impossible to find... I'd like more but I'm grateful for what I have. 50 a mag is getting raped, but the alternative being without mags in the face of an unconstitutional ban is unacceptable to me.
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