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Originally Posted by ithaca_deerslayer View Post
Well, the point was I was talking to my mom.

Did you hear about the murderer who used a Bushmaster .223 to kill 2 firefighters and wound 2 more, while he burned down 7 houses in Webster NY the day before Christmas? I have relatives in that town.

So I'm pretty sure my mom was't going to be much impressed with being able to wage war. But the police, they don't wage war. The police aren't out there spraying bullets murdering people. They just have guns to defend themselves. And guess what, mom, the police have "assault weapons." If they need them against the bad guys, then so do I.
Sounds like he wanted an LA Riot, but no one would join him.

If the Police just defended themselves, they would stay at the station or at home and not respond to calls.

That is as silly as saying that the Military in in Afghanistan are only protecting themselves and not engaging in warfare.

Very, very, silly.
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