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Originally Posted by Warp View Post
There won't be a ban so it's nothing to worry about.

In a fantasy land with the 1994 style AWB re-eneacted, I have enough magazines I still won't have to worry about it.

Besides, my daily carry 9mm uses a 10 round magazine (Glock 26)

Can we stop the chicken little/sky is falling 'we've already lost our rights might as well accept it bull**** yet?
What pray tell, is the point of having all these magazines if you don't get a grandfather exemption and it's a felony to own or use them? You know, it took 1994 to end the fantasy land you speak of and then 2004 to get all the way out of the fantasy again. What Mrs. Feinstein has in mind for the next showing of Fantasy Island is much, much worse and comprehensive than the last. I was reading through this and I saw that you are a Democrat. I was once as well but that's neither here nor there. What is here nor there is the fact that the only thing that may hold this thing up a while is the House and the House, isn't exactly on strong footing with respect to ANYTHING. We're in a precarious situation as gun owners here. Laughing this off isn't a wise course of action. Kay Bailey Hutchison? Republican senator from Texas? She's on board with a magazine restriction as are a few others. NOT GOOD.
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