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The big difference between the armed civilian and police has to do with a duty to respond. Police have an obligation to intervene while others simply defend themselves and others, if they wish.

Non-police are not normally expected to seek out trouble and rush in.

Though I have owned so-called assault style rifles, I have not employed them as defensive weapons as a civilian. If I knew I were going to need to go into combat, the rifle is the weapon if choice. I do not maintain that level of readiness and for conscience sake, I do not even carry a service sized handgun.

I have many larger magazines, such as the 33 round Glock 18 ones. They are my just-in-case tools and never even do range time. The most common use I have with some larger magazines is range time, and even then, not too much. I lose less time reloading the magazines.

I am a bit old school with firearms. I aim and try to make each shot count. If I were using a smaller magazine, I would still be very effective. The only situation in which I would come up short would be a large group rushing my position. The large magazines might help some but landmines and a machine gun would be better.

If I am very limited in weapon capacity, I might just learn to carry a couple of the same handguns. One would be left side and the other right. The New York reload might come back.

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