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I dont disagree, but it is an argument with a lot of holes in it.

Do you need handcuffs? Do you need the ability to pull people over? Do you need to wear body armor all day? Do you need the legal obligation to act in all crimes you see? ...and a bunch of other things.

Lets be honest, the Police, Doctors, Dentists, Locksmiths...and a lot of other professions do things you cant and probably shouldnt.

Again, I agree with you but poeple on all sides focus on the guns. When was the last time you wore body armor all day long? When was the last time you went to a driving skills class? When was the last time you went to a class to learn how to deescalate violent situations with your words? (Point being here, again, people tend to focus on the guns when there is so much far more likely that they neglect)
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