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Originally Posted by Gallium View Post
No 1st responder agency (volunteer or paid FF/EMS) is going to allow their 1st responders to be armed, on record. Some (two I know of) agencies here specifically and explicit state rescue/emergency personnel cannot be armedwith firearms.

My heart goes out to those families of the deceased and injured. What a sh**ty Christmas they have been saddled with, for the rest of their lives.
The thought process is that liberals think if paramedics have guns, criminals will want to use them to confront them.

Because we all know that police, fire, and rescue being armed is what makes bad guys want to have guns. If no one had them, no one would want them>

Liberal mentality will be to call for gun confiscations, which Gov. Cuomo has already done very recently.

Heartfelt best wishes for the families of those killed, and to those injured. It seems as if people are out there trying to come up with the most heinous crimes imaginable, and unfortunately, they are doing a good job of causing mass misery.

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