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Originally Posted by Jason400 View Post
That's the dilemma. A 19 would serve two purposes, competition and CCW
If you can only have 1 gun, then the 19 makes sense. As you say CCW and competition.

If you can only have 2 guns, two 19's make sense. 1 for CCW and 1 for beating the snot out of in competition, and your skills transfer perfectly.

But you may find you want the smaller 26 for CCW. You could go with a 26 now, and eventually a 17 or 34. Or two 26's

There is no wrong answer. It really depends on what you want to focus most on. I carry a 26, and specifically bought a 17 for IDPA. I use my 26 in competition a few times, to keep up on carry skills. But the 17 is a much better range and competition gun. I got it over the 34 because it is also a better home defense gun and can be carried easier (just my opinion).

But if competition is the main focus, then go for the 34. I've shot a friend's 34 and while a 19 or 17 can compete with it, and the shooter is more important than the gun, the 34 will give you every bit of that last ounce of psychological advantage from the extra sight radius. Yes the physical sight distance, but also knowing you've got the best gun you can get for that competition.

But you can still do well with a 19
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