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Originally Posted by Jason400 View Post
To start out with I would like to say I am not new to glocks. I am going to buy another one next month but not sure which, 19 or 34. I am going to start shooting IDPA this spring and want a 9mm to use. My thought is to buy a 19 and after I progress in IDPA and my abilities I would then purchase a 34. Any thoughts from other IDPA shooters?
Keep in mind the idea behind IDPA, one of them being to use the gun you will carry as you go about your daily business. That being said, we all know it's a game and the better gun for that game is the 34. If this new gun is just going to be your competition gun, definitely go with the 34. The longer sight radius will really help. Interesting note; division capacity is 10 rounds and one in the chamber with the first mag, second mag 10 rounds. An old hold over from the 1994 ban. Start with the 34, going with the 19 and switching later will throw you off, besides you might not be able to get one if you wait.

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