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Originally Posted by oldman11 View Post
You may have been only half serious but I think you need to get "full serious". I am surprised that police didn't respond with firemen when they originally arrived.
Our city LEOs usually do try to respond to calls with us, but those guys are usually pretty busy, stretched thin, and obviously they can't be everywhere at once. But they do a great job in getting there with us when they can.

As far as being armed, as a CCW holder, I would be lying if I said that I have not considered violating city policy and arming up. Legally I can't carry on 1)Fed property (a given), 2)LEO stations, 3)jails/prisons, 4)courtrooms with court in session, and 5)places of nuisances. Anywhere else I can legally carry.

BTW, no one has ever been able to show me in writing about that city policy......just saying. But I still follow it

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