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Originally Posted by Patchman View Post
When they say "armed" I assume guns on the rigs. In addition to guns melting, the ammo will cook off also.


But guns on the rigs come with responsibility, we aren't at the truck at all times. Any medical call the truck is unattended, and also if you are 3rd due to a residential/commercial fire, everyone goes to work. If you are 1st/2nd due the drive stays with the truck but let me tell you his least concern is anything inside the truck. His job is getting water to us.

I could see if it was maybe locked up, but again, whats the point. I'd love to be able to open carry at the FD, but what would I do when bunker gear has to go on? On medical calls it's almost becoming necessary to wear bullet proof vests. Just last year shots were fired at a medical call in a neighboring city...scary.
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