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Originally Posted by Paul53 View Post
Sounds like a good subject for a field test if somebody has a chrono. Speed before and after? Or am I missing the point of the treatments?
There may be a small increase in speed, but that isn't the only potential benefit.
cciman, I don't know what post you are referring to, but I have zero interest in coating bullets- thats not what this thread is about. Also, most shooters are getting away from moly coating bullets after tales of destroyed barrels got around.

hint: there's better places than auto parts stores to buy lubes. I retired from a Mobil Blending and Packaging plant, I know a bit about lubes.

And the barrel being "nitrited" (nitrided?) does not max lubricity. Where are you getting all this? Nitriding makes it harder, but does not "max out" dry lubricity.

Again, if anyone has any experience with these types of bore treatments, I'd like to hear about it.
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