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Doing a quick google on DANZAC, I see that there is plenty of hits with it as a bullet lube-- though it seems the objective data (benefits) are not as easy to pin down, probably best for that rifle shooter looking for that extra .05 MOA in their mind.
Also seems that it is not an easy process to apply correctly.

If you go to the additives corner of the auto parts store, you will see plenty of lubes, some using "space age nano molecular technology" -- unless there is a worldwide conspiracy, I doubt any of these truly hold up to claims.

If you shoot a Glock with a stock barrel, the barrel has been nitrited-- ie already surface treated, so the dry lubricity of the barrel is already maxed, in addition to the polygonal rifling.

Good luck, let us know if you've discovered the next best thing. I'd be interested in seeing a good test.

Originally Posted by Paul53 View Post
Sounds like a good subject for a field test if somebody has a chrono. Speed before and after? Or am I missing the point of the treatments?
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