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Originally Posted by Kevin108 View Post
That happens fairly regularly, at least firefighters being fired at because a gang banger needs his victim to expire and the meat wagon is wanting to take him away still breathing.
Now see, THAT'S what I would expect. That makes sense to me. You show up to help. Someone on the scene doesn't want you to and things go TI. I've been drawn on by people wanting us to not help an injured party. I've had people try to threaten us for NOT helping an injured person when the scene wasn't safe yet. I had a guy 'strongly urge' me to not put a fire out. I've never been specifically pulled into a trap designed to target me. In all of those calls there was always an injured 3rd party. I was never a primary target. I doubt I would fare well in that kind of scenario. Don't know if I can switch gears that fast.
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