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Originally Posted by NorthernAlpine View Post
...1. Secondary PTZ Video System that links to and is controlled solely in my 'Fun Room'...
Just something to consider for any future expansions - for the cost of a single PTZ camera, you can often install 4-6 fixed cameras and actually have better coverage. Not always; sometimes a PTZ is better. If it's up on a tower, or watching random things at long/varied distances, etc, there are times that a PTZ is better. But in my experience (doing this every day for near 20 years now), at least 90% of the time, people are actually better-served by a higher number of fixed cameras for the same cost.

Basically, every time you're panning, tilting, or zooming the camera to look at something, you're inherently and simultaneously panning, tilting, and zooming AWAY from something else.
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