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Thread: Sell an MMC AR?
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Originally Posted by K. Foster View Post
And now we get to what the OP really wants to know:
“Can I sell this piece of crap for a huge profit?”
MMC is virtually unknown. A quick search does show some quality issues which are what happens when Joe Lunchbox thinks because he owns a couple CNC machines, he’s ready to be the next John Noveske or Reed Knight. The bottom line is you won’t know how the gun performs until you shoot it. There may not be anything wrong with it but you don’t want to hurt it’s resale value by finding out.
Given the current state of the market, you may make some money selling it to a rube but because of MMC’s limited reputation, you won’t unload that on a knowledgeable AR guy.
I respectfully disagree with your assessment of Moore's Machine Company. They are certainly not "Joe Lunchbox" with a a couple of CNC machines.


They're easily one of the largest contract manufacturing companies in North Carolina. Have been around for many, many years.

They do everything from 1000 pound parts for construction equipment to small aluminum parts.

They care about their customers and their reputation.

They're a customer of mine.

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