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Originally Posted by trifecta View Post
Officers in schools are great, but they weren't really put there to prevent or engage an external threat.
What? That's news to me. In my state they've always been intended to do that, and that's how they're trained. There's a "tactical SRO" subculture akin to the "SWAT operator" types, only with larger t-shirts and less Michael Westen-looking sunglasses.

All middle and high schools in my county have SROs. I was one for two years. Under the previous administration they were high visibility, well-trained, uniformed officers intended to provide police presence and do work. Now they're a feel-good measure in "soft" uniforms (polo shirt and 5.11-type pants) with no vest and no duty belt. You're lucky if they carry a subcompact Glock and a pair of handcuffs.
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