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Originally Posted by ArmoryDoc View Post
Let me throw this thought out there. The 10mm is a hard-hitter, no doubt. If you punch through a bad guy with a FP or ball ammo, that round has to stop somewhere. Hopefully not in an innocent bystander. I would never recommend using anything BUT hollowpoint ammo for defense in a 10mm. The risk is too great.
I see what you're saying and I used to think that way also but I don't now for two reasons.

The police only hit their targets about 25% of the time. So 75% of their bullets go flying who knows where, and that is from trained professionals. Remember the case in New York recently where a man shot his co-worker and then fled on the busy streets? The police returned fire and took him down, and they only hit NINE bystanders in the process (none fatal). Forget over penetration, flat out missing the target is what's going to happen with most of your bullets because if that is as good as the police can do, I think it's unrealistic to expect better results from civilians.

Secondly, most gunshot wounds are not fatal. There is a CDC study of 5 years of gunshot woulds from 1993-1998 and 69% survived. It sounds callous but I think it's important to consider.

I don't think either of these should be taken as license to spray and pray. But the TMJ's I'm carrying are meant to be a hedge against a vest or other obstruction (BG using cover) and if things are bad enough to justify a CHL firing his gun, then it means a BG is trying to do harm and a possible bystander hit may be the lesser of two evils.
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