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I've never used any of the so called wonder embedding type lubes in a firearm of any sort. Reason why. They honestly don't work in the industrial world. If they did work we would see a major advancement of man kind and the eco-greenies would be in heaven.

The best one can do is slug out the barrel and plug and pour the chamber. Know exactly what you have. If you have a tight spot in your oem bore lap it out. <<< But tight spots in even oem barrels is almost a thing of the past. One can put a very light lapping on almost all new barrels and a very tube. Followed with a ever so slight polishing done with patches and your choice of polishing material. I keep a bottle of Rem 40-X around for just such usage.

Care must be taken or you can ruin a barrel. If done right you end up with a great shooting tube. And cleaning of the barrel is much much easier after a day of shooting.
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