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Originally Posted by KentuckyPatriot View Post
Hey all...

Every now and then I like to go back "old school" and carry just a j-frame or two. Buddy of mine always carries two.

I have tried to find unconventional ways to carry a couple speed loaders without much success. Currently I am using a leatherman nylon sheath stacking a Safariland on top of and HKS which seems to work, but I prefer carrying one or the other which does not work well in this carry method.

Anyone have a method (other than pocket) to carry your speed loaders in other than a traditional pouch?

Have you considered a nylon smart phone (cell phone) carrier? They're very common and blend in to daily life as they are worn by many people. With the right phone carrier you might be able to tote up to fours j frame speed loaders.

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