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I can say it now, since my boys won't be checking glocktalk between now and Christmas. ("Boys" is a subjective term; they're huge monstrous yeti-things. Our youngest is 6'2" & in a 14 shoe. Freaks are gonna be bigger than me if they don't stop soon... )

Anyway, got my boys pistols this Christmas. A glock 19 for our youngest; he's not really a pistol guy and while he's used & borrowed mine in the past, he's never has had his "own" serious defensive pistol. This seemed a good time to remedy that.

The older yeti, I got a kahr CM9. He does have a couple decent defensive pistols of his own - a smith 5906 and a bulgarian makarov - but this can serve him better as his ccw piece. He's been using one of my G26's for a while now, so maybe I'll get that back.

That, and have been working volume at our business. This is historically our slow time of year, but even with adding another employee last month, we're still barely able to keep up with customer requests. Not a heartening thing for the overall economy imo, since our industry (security and video surveillance systems, primarily) tends to pick up when the economy in general drops off. I try to not be the ambulance-chaser or vulture, but when people genuinely need us, they need us. And lately, they need us more than usual.

Gun shops and security companies - when we're going gangbusters like this, it's not necessarily a good sign for society in general. I would strongly advise against the urge to panic (as so many now are), but I'd definitely recommend taking a good inventory, sorting, organizing, and finding any gaps that need attention. We may - or may not - be close to the time to stop loading up our ships with cargo, but rather start sealing up the watertight doors. Just one redneck's opinion.
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