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Originally Posted by gjk5 View Post
I said I may have been speeding, if I was it was not more than 5 miles an hour.

I am over 40 and have two small kids, I know what it's like to see someone whiz through the hood, but this is not like that.

Rural road, large lots (little crapshack houses where this guy followed me from though), no kids playing, hardly any traffic ever.

Barney has no business attempting to pull a stranger over at night and was fortunate that I was not an ass and was in a pretty good mood. If I had wanted to make an issue of it I could have simply driven right into my driveway, gotten out and stomped a mudhole in his ass, or even shot him in the face a little and either way still have been well within my rights.

I acted in my best interest and his, if you do not see that you might just be that little man with a chip on his shoulder that feels like he has a right to tell strangers how to act (armed strangers, at night, on the side of the road no less).
Nope, I would not have pulled into your driveway. Just would have had a pic of your plate and a GPS of your speed. You already admitted you were wrong. That's all.
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