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My number one goal is to continue to gain knowledge and experience in self-reliance related areas. I'd like to learn how to hunt. I know how to fish, but haven't done so in quite a while. Additionally, I want to expand our garden and begin learning composting.

Overall I have a level of comfort in the plans we've made for being prepared for the normal crisis situation i.e. hurricanes and such. I also have a level of comfort for man-made situations. The plan isn't perfect, nor is it complete. But we're farther along than a year ago at this time in both skill sets, experience and fundemental planning.

What have we accomplished over the year? We have BOB's, GHB's and EDC packs. We have stored food. We have a rain barrel system. We have a garden set up and producing. We have multiple ways to make fire, sanitize water, protection from the elements.

All in all I'd say it is a good start. My goal is self-reliance because dependence is a poor choice for survival. That along with our faith brings peace of mind and heart.
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