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Originally Posted by brianfede View Post
I wouldn't be all to happy if you where speeding down my street with the young children in the area. Though admittedly the guy handled the situation like a turd.
I agree. We live in a small sub-division with only one way in or out. If someone (usually young) is speeding and I'm outside, I just roll a garbage can into the street in front of them. Once is usually enough. When all our kids were young we used to get turfed a lot because we live on a corner and it was the "fun" thing to do. I would wait until twilight and anchor boards with nails facing up almost every night one Summer. We never got turfed again although one asshat had to have his car towed after all his tires were flat.

I can't get back to your post, but I think you said you were speeding over the limit. You were in the wrong and should accept any Barney Fife's "citizens arrest".
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