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Originally Posted by mj9mm View Post
the highschools and some middleschools have had a police presence for a few years. we would just need to spread it to the elementary schools, not a small feat with tight budgets, though
Ditto here. The big problem is that CCSD has 327 schools. The CCSD police department has a little over 200 officers. When Las Vegas was building like mad, instead of adding capacity to existing schools, they went gangbusters and built a crap ton of new schools. Can't give do-nothing admin jobs to your friends and family if there aren't enough schools to go around. Now half those schools are underutilized (read: half-vacant) and the other half is decrepit and in disrepair. Instead of closing campuses and consolidating, they tried to pass a ballot question to raise property taxes to pay for maintenance on the broke-down schools. That failed miserably.
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