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Originally Posted by blueiron View Post
The Education mafia is overwhelming hard left. They do not care for the police or what the police represent. Firearms are not welcome, no matter who wields them.
Neither does the hard right, we get it comming and going.

There are other threads about the problems encountered when reality attempts to enter the 'ivory towers' of education.
Reality regularly enters there, especially in High Schools.

In over 20 years of street policing, I only encountered two reality based educators - one was the director of a charter school and the other was a retired USAF Chief Master Sergeant who got his PhD and was the principal of an elementary school. Both of their schools were run well. The others were constant centers of wasted efforts.
Police in schools are a reality in major cities. I don't see why having a local police presence was an issue. We had an old police officer who would regulate traffic and make it safe to go across cross walks when I was a nematoad in Florida. We all liked that old guy. But, I guess, that was when values existed like respecting authority and elders.

I remember having conversations with him, he was always happy and loved kids.

Now, when we moved around to some larger cities and as the grade got higher there was a group that was more surly and younger. But, then again, they had to deal with a lot more crap.
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