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Originally Posted by CW Mock View Post
So there I was this morning backed up on paper from the blizzard we had the last two days. Trying to be good little cops, my shift partner and I go park by a local elementary school to be seen, do reports, chat with the kids and basically be a deterrent to any whacko with a copycat/end of the world fetish ...

Then here comes the principal, her knickers all twisted up. She tells us that she doesn't want the police there being visible, it sends the wrong message, etc ... Truth is I zoned out, as her mere presence drained my IQ to the point it was hard to remember to breathe. My buddy and I didn't know if she was kidding and just lousy at telling jokes or serious. Turns out she was serious.

Anyways, we ended up moving down the street a ways to get her to shut up and leave. Several parents passing by said they were glad to see us there. I wonder if they know the school principals feelings.

Oh well. Guess Super Duper Principal can use a stapler and cell phone if anything goes down there.
My brother is a Sgt. with Philly PD. He also volunteers at his kids' elementary school in their athletics program. On Monday following the CT shooting, one of the non teaching admin types, an older woman stomped up to him and demanded to know if he was armed (they know he is a LEO), because it would be highly irresponsible for him to be in a school full of children with a gun.

He responded that if something happened at the school it would be irresponsible if he didn't, and if she didn't like it, too bad. She stomped off to complain to the principal, who later (that same day) told him she was always glad to see him in the building.

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