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Originally Posted by akapennypincher View Post
The Los Angeles City School District, and the Los Angeles Community College District both have a FULL TIME POLICE Departments since like the 1970's. Think the Colleges are now policed by LASD.

A very good friend worked for the City School District, and was a Full Time Cops at one of the High Schools in LA.

He wore a Coat & Tie to bled in like the other staff, but being very truthful it was not a Coat & Tie job. Now they are in uniform.
LAUSD Police is a full sized and full service PD which numbers around the low 3 hundreds in sworn strength, making them one of the bigger departments around. They have detectives, K9, motors, SRT, patrol, and SRO programs. I got a few buddies there and they like the gig.

LACCD has been taken over by LASD and they have deputies on those campuses along with non-sworn LA County security which are armed, but wear white uniforms.

I did my stint as a SRO at a high school for a few months and was on call as back up SRO while on patrol for days when the SRO was off. Good stuff and admin mostly supported us when we had to do our job. It was mostly high visibility and low activity but when SHTF, it hit the fan... being 1 officer on a campus of a few thousand teens when they decide to riot wasn't fun.
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