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Originally Posted by scottyd2506 View Post
What do you call it then? Why is it the the Texas and many other state police have like a 99_100% success rate with the 357 sig, the gun has been used since 1994, almost 20 years.. I'm sure it has racked up more than 50-100 shootings. yet agencies one after the other have issues with the 9mm to stop the BG.. WHOLE magazine of 9mm dumped into the bad guy and they keep coming yet almost 20 years of service with the 357 sig and hardly any failures at all.

Please post any links or data to back up your assertion of a 99-100% success rate. What do you classify success as? If you fail to do so I will consider this nothing more than personal opinion/ BS, as anyone reading this should.

Originally Posted by scottyd2506 View Post
That is the same ol excuse Every 9mm fan boy has. There is nothing wrong with the 9mm but face the facts it does not have equal stopping power as the stop handgun rounds.
it is much better than 38 special and holds a lot of rounds
Once again, show me some links, or proof that this is the case. There are TONS of LE Agencies that carry or are going to the 9mm none with any gripes or complains.

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