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Originally Posted by Gunny Lingus View Post
I don't mean to jump into the many pissing contests currently running, but is it me, or does the person posting as 'Leper' remind anyone else of the phrase "your mama's basement"?

Pretending to be a LEO? I don't believe it. No offense, but this just reads like some teenager posting from his mama's basement.
I tell you what, I can prove I'm an leo and I'm willing to put money on it. After I'll have to start a new account later on and I'll do it with a mod you pick that you trust verifying my credentials and identity but not revealing it to you. Who is willing to be some money? Or are you all the chicken's that we all know you are including you Gunny Lingus? I mean even if it's only a hundred bucks what is the big deal? All of you with your uber cool expensive hardware can afford it right?

Mods I have my settings where I can be contacted by email. I can provide my telephone number, photocopy of my driver's license, and contact information for the department admin I work for so you can verify I am a currently employed law enforcement officer.

So Gunny, will you provide some betting money and agree that the mod running this will publicly let people know if you welch on the bet? It's Christmas time so I could use a little extra money.

edit: Just sent Gunny Lingus a PM so he won't miss this. Nothing ever changes here though. This isn't the first time I've seen the forum idiots call troll when all else failed them.

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