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Originally Posted by 640400 View Post
When they were in Port Orange I could walk into the store and be greeted by name by several of the employees (usually Zane). I would pick out a gun and Zane would go into the back and come out with a lower price. I have purchased many, many guns from them. When they moved into Ormond Beach the whole atmosphere changed. They seem like they don't give a &*^% about you. Prices have gone up quite a bit but you can still find deals there. The managers never return calls or emails. The managers are non gun enthusiasts and can hardly make a decision. All in all they are 50% of what they were at their old location. Lots of guns do not make it a good place to buy guns. I would rather go to Tomoka Gun a few miles north or Cavella's Guns on Nova in Holly Hill. Now those two stores are run by good people who will go out of their way to make you happy.
Yes it was better at the Port Orange store- I had no problems there . They moved to the big fancy local and the attitude changed . Clerk got snarky with me when I asked for a particular gun and he said pay me now and I'll call when we have it. When I aak for an approximate date his reply was - How should I know !might be six months. I took my money and my buisness elsewhere.
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