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Originally Posted by Panzergrenadier1979 View Post
We had an SRO until this summer when the officer retired. Now the SRO position is in financial limbo and we are currently operating without one. Daylight shifts have to do foot patrols through the high school to keep up a presence and our work load has increased since we now have to respond to every hiccup that occurs there.

We also provide officers for security during football/basketball games.

For the folks in GNG...... Having an officer on campus was not viewed as any sort of decline into a "police state", in fact, the school came to lean heavily on our SRO to assist with problem students; the school principles would even call her on her cell phone on her days off before they could call 911.

Our SRO typically dealt with student fights, threats, tobacco use, minor drug/alcohol use, theft, harassment by text/email/facebook etc, and truancy. Real Gestapo stuff.
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