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Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
And you were charged for a NICS check? I've never been charged for a NICS check. Find a new dealer.

Big freakin deal. Is your buddy in prison for murder? That's seems to be what you want to imply here:

There is a world of difference between once owning a gun that was used in a crime and being prosecuted on that basis.

Was the friend who shot the trooper a convicted felon?

Actually, what you've pointed out here is a point we've been making throughout the thread. 4473 is a defacto gun registration and some of you people here seem ok with that.
My apologies, in PA, background checks go through the PA State Police, not the Feds. PSP charge $2.00 for the call and the dealers charge $3.00 for the paperwork.

Bottom line is, I don't want guns getting into the hands of people who are disqualified from owning them. Period.
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