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Originally Posted by glockguy213 View Post
1. Three guns in the last three weeks. The latest was today at 3:30 PM, Glock 20, Ace Sporting Goods, Washington, PA.
And you were charged for a NICS check? I've never been charged for a NICS check. Find a new dealer.

2. The police will still come to the sellers door, it is then up to the individual to divulge to the police officer, the whereabouts of the gun.

About 7 or 8 years ago, a dealer in north-central PA had one of his personal guns stolen from his home by his own son, who then sold it to a "friend", who, after a night of drinking, shot and killed a state trooper who pulled the the kid over for a traffic violation. The police were at the dealer's store the minute he opened for business that morning.
Big freakin deal. Is your buddy in prison for murder? That's seems to be what you want to imply here:

guess who the police are coming after?
There is a world of difference between once owning a gun that was used in a crime and being prosecuted on that basis.

Was the friend who shot the trooper a convicted felon?

Actually, what you've pointed out here is a point we've been making throughout the thread. 4473 is a defacto gun registration and some of you people here seem ok with that.

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