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Originally Posted by Henry's Dad View Post
This all started over a disagreement regarding felons owning guns.

I say they shouldn't.

You say they should.

Other than that, you and I probably don't have much disagreement between us.

If you think defending a felon's right to own a gun is a good idea (constitutionally, politically, or in terms of public relations), and is the logical conclusion of 2A absolutism, call Wayne LaPierre and tell him to push it as an agenda item at Friday's NRA press conference and during his appearance this weekend on Meet the Press.

While you're at it, find me a single pro-2A member of the US House or Senate who is willing to stand on the floor of their chamber and give a speech advocating for gun ownership for convicted felons. Hell, find me one who would have said it before last Friday's shooting.

My money says neither Wayne nor a single member of Congress will take you up on it. So I guess that makes them all flaming liberals looking to bed down with Sara Brady just like me, right?
You still don't get it.

This isn't about felons owning guns. This is about allowing the government to whittle out special classes of people who are denied certain rights, such as the right of self defense.

It is also about nonsensical feel good laws that accomplish nothing. Felons intent on using guns to commit another crime, will get them. Law be damned. So you have, by definition, disarmed only those felons (40% by the numbers you cited) who have served their sentence and taken advantage of their newfound freedom and opportunity to be a law abiding, contributing member of society.

Finally, it is about reassigning responsibility for keeping dangerous felons off of the streets -- to the courts and legislatures where it belongs. NOT granting more unconstitutional power to the federal government that has no authority to regulate guns in the first place. If they can't be trusted among us, keep them locked up.

How many pages has this run and you still can't grasp these simple concepts?

But if it makes you feel warm and fuzzy and like some uber citizen to sell your guns through an FFL, go ahead.
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