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Originally Posted by fredj338 View Post
Well, IMO, you are loking at best case scenario. Liberals won't make the mistakes they made w/ the last AWB. No sunset & few grandfather clauses. They can easily make them illegal, confiscation would follow a grace period where you turn them in & they pay you for them. After that, illegal, confiscation & jail time. It's how it's done in other countries. You have your head in the sand if you think they are not going to go big this time. When you are walking on dead children, it's an easy lift.
Thanks, I do enjoy my 1911, w/ a spare mag, not many problems I could not solve.
You paint a grim picture, Fred - but who knows. The media has reported (and they ALWAYS get their facts correct ), that the president will use a combination of Executive Orders and Congressional approval to get this done. We have the Constitution behind us with its checks and balances, but Executive Orders are something else. Even the checks and balances may not work this time. No politician wants to throw his career down the toilet by backing common sense and the common man.
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