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Put frame together and 100 rounds through it as well

Went together fine, function check without concern, no sig unusual play between slide and frame, TLR-1 fits well with a slightly greater amount of play when attached compared to stock frame.

Very comfortable to grip, points well, controls are what I would expect and manipulated without problem

All mags drop free but NOT all mags would seat with equal ease. Three of the mags have the notch about 2-3/32 of an inch higher and these seat without problem. The other five I tried would seat but only with sig force. I tried to file one of the base plates on the mal-functioning mags without success.

I wonder if my mags are out of spec or the mag release is a bit off where it might be optimally. I don't recall if any of the mags are not factory glock mags. All mags have functioned without problem in my Gen 3 G23.

When using the three mags that seat well there were no problems shooting aside from getting hit in the face with brass once out of the 100 rounds I put through it. Everything else was ejected to 4 or five oclock.

My only other concern is that I put the gun into my blackhawk serpa holster only to almost not be able to get it out. I may have missed the info that said don't do it but I thought the Timberwolf was compatible with any holster that a stock glock would fit in - not the case and I am glad I got the gun out without having to cut the holster apart to do so.

I will have to email photos of the mags to JR if desired

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