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Originally Posted by gwalchmai View Post
You're wrong. Most people are NOT advocating new gun laws & bans. Just the media and the usual crowd of antis. Sure a few turncoats are making a big show, but they were never really pro-gun anyway and are just using this as an excuse. How many people in your real-life daily interactions are calling for bans? I haven't seen ANY.
Quite a few, folks on FB. Actual adults that are calling thier elected officials. Hell, some family members and family friends.

Originally Posted by G36's Rule View Post
Of course there will be anti-gun legislation. There always is.
No, the last 10+ years have seen NO anti-gun legislation. Including every time someone has gone on a killing spree.

Hell, gun laws have been getting better and better over the last 10+ years, we all know that.
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