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Originally Posted by M&P15T View Post
Again, you think what is happening right now in the court of public opinion has anything to do with what has happened in the past.

When Columbine, VA Tech and the other shootings happened, the same every-day anti-gunners popped their heads up, railed against guns, and then got ignored. THe public wasn't as worked-up over what had happened.

That is NOT what is happeneing now, and you're missing this most important point.

You are not understanding the pressure that our elected officials are under to enact gun legislation. It's like NOTHING we have seen in the past. Killing 20 6 & 7 year olds has fundamentally changed things, dramatically raised the emotional reaction to new heights, and I fear we are going to get hammered.
What do you base all this nonsense on - CNN reports? Come on, show us some real evidence to back up all these claims.
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