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Originally Posted by G36's Rule View Post
You are being hysterical. Calm down, as you don't have a clue. There is zero information that says what you are saying, except the media which is hyping their bias. In a couple weeks this will be a thought for a very small minority and those directly affected.

If, at the end of the day there are compromises to be made, then so be it. But that isn't how you start. And this tragedy isn't any different than any other. The same noise was made after Aurora.

For some reason this time some in the gun culture seem to have a measure of guilt that I don't understand.
Incorrect. My fears are based on the fact that two NRA "A" rated Republicans from Virginia have publically stated they will vote for anti-gun legislation. That and simply talking to people, hearing their ractions to the shooting.

That is why I'm thinking that this shooting in CT is going to be the tipping point. Because I'm willing to bet that there are other elected Legislators in other states that have said the same thing.

I hope you are right. I hope in 2 weeks nothing has come of this.

As far as making compromises, I'm glad to hear that you have finally come to understand that they may be necessary. As far as "being how you start", starting with placing closing the loop-hole on the table (as I have already described) would be the smartest thing. Place on the table that which makes no real difference, but gives the anti-gunners a political win.

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