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Originally Posted by M&P15T View Post
No, YOU'RE about to let it happen, by assuming a "break but don't bend" attitude.

We as gun owners are at a very pivitol point, with a massive majority of folks in this country emotionally over-reacting to what happened in CT, and our very rights on the line. We may lose big-time, because we are refusing to do anything other than push back against everything.

It is at this very exact moment when we need to be playing the game of popular opinion in the media, and at least look like we are trying to join the population in trying to make a positive difference.

Again, gun owners are our own worst enemy, and I fear we could lose much, much more due to a "break but don't bend" ignorant ass attitude most folks here seem to have. If we give on something that really means nothing, have our say in crafting the legislation by working through the NRA (thereby keeping our own concerns first and foremost), we can keep our rights and freedoms, and look better in the light of overwhelmingly negative media attention on us.
You are allowing them to dictate the terms of the debate. You've already lost.
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